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In Their Own Words – Articling Students

Current and former students will be one of the best resources for you to find out what a firm is really like. Here’s what our articling students have to say about us and their experience at Aird & Berlis LLP:

Stephen Crawford, 2013 Summer Student, 2014/2015 Articling Student (University of Toronto)
“For me, what sets A&B apart from other Bay Street firms is its friendly and collegial work environment. I have found the lawyers and staff to be exceptionally supportive, welcoming and approachable, and I have made many good friends throughout my time at the firm. My mentors have always been available to answer questions and address my concerns, and the students are a tight-knit group. I have also been exposed to a variety of work during my summer and articles – because of A&B’s particular structure, I have worked directly with both junior and senior lawyers. At times, I have been given significant autonomy and the opportunity to get deeply involved in files. I have absolutely no regrets about my choice to work at A&B.”

Laura Dean, 2012 and 2013 Summer Student, 2014/2015 Articling Student (University of Windsor)
“I have truly enjoyed my summers and articling experience at A&B and always looked forward to what each day would bring. What laws I would be researching? What factum would I be drafting? What client would I be meeting? What hearing would I be attending? What presentation would I be preparing? What joke told by a fellow student (or lawyer) would have me laughing? During my time at the firm, I have had the opportunity to write articles in collaboration with experts, prepare pleadings for hearings, participate in closings, assist lawyers at hearings, among countless other experiences. My mentors have been an integral part of my learning experience and their advice and guidance will stay with me throughout my legal career.  I feel privileged to have spent my summers and articling term at A&B and recommend the firm to any student looking to be challenged in a supportive, highly-professional environment.”
Daniel Everall, 2012 and 2013 Summer Student, 2014/2015 Articling Student (University of Toronto)
“I was very fortunate to return to A&B to complete my articles after summering with the firm for two years. While at the firm, I gained valuable experience working on a variety of transactions including mergers, acquisitions, private placements, public offerings, secured lending and P3s.  Additionally, the amount of responsibility I was given was truly remarkable, especially in comparison to peers at other Bay Street firms. Substantive work-experience aside, A&B’s lawyers set a firm-wide tone of excellence, collegiality and integrity in which it was a pleasure to work. I know the experiences I gained during my articles have positioned me for success in my future professional endeavors.”

Chris Berrigan, Associate (Corporate Finance) and 2011 Summer Student, 2012/2013 Articling Student (Western University)
"At A&B, students are given the opportunity to get involved in a variety of matters in various practice areas. The flexibility of the summer program allows students to learn about different areas of the law, while also developing their own areas of interest before returning to article. Students often take an active role in matters, working directly with senior members of the firm. This close connection helps students build positive mentoring relationships with highly skilled practitioners, and allows the student to learn about the law through experience. The environment at A&B is supportive and collegial among students, lawyers and staff. This provides a great work experience for those at the firm and ultimately provides A&B’s clients with superior legal services."

Meghan Cowan, Associate (Litigation) and 2011 Summer Student, 2012/2013 Articling Student (University of Ottawa)
"I chose Aird & Berlis primarily for its collegial and friendly work environment.  I had a very rewarding summer experience at the firm. The partners and associates were welcoming and approachable. My mentors oversaw my transition into the firm’s culture, providing me with the confidence to succeed in my work. My summer experience also benefited from the relationship that I enjoyed with my student colleagues. The students were encouraged to work as a team which allowed for collaboration. Finally, I was impressed by the flexibility of the firm’s student program. The structure of the program allows students to explore different areas of practice. I took advantage of this to gain a broad exposure to the diverse opportunities offered at A&B, a fundamental first step in my legal career."

Brett Kenworthy, Associate (Financial Services) and 2011 Summer Student, 2012/2013 Articling Student (Osgoode Hall)
"During the OCI process, I strived to find a firm where I would enjoy the “right fit”. My ideal firm would provide a supportive and collaborative work environment where students have a significant amount of autonomy, responsibility and challenging work. Aird & Berlis has provided this environment. I have found the staff and lawyers to be welcoming, supportive and responsive to student concerns. The dual mentoring system at Aird & Berlis has enhanced my professional development as I benefit from twice the advice and insight. The entrepreneurial spirit of the firm encourages and rewards students who proactively pursue opportunities for growth and development. Aird & Berlis is committed to the success of its students and it is a great place to build a legal career!"

Jesse Rosensweet, Associate (Corporate/Commercial) and 2010 and 2011 Summer Student, 2012/2013 Articling Student (University of Toronto)
"During my time as a summer student at A&B I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of files across many practice areas. The structure of the firm provides students the opportunity to work directly with partners on smaller matters. On larger files “lean” team staffing allows students and new associates to get more deeply involved in files. Ongoing mentoring by outstanding practitioners provides the best articling experience: one in which students develop necessary skills and learn their trade."

Vedran Simkic, Associate (Litigation) and 2011 Summer Student, 2012/2013 Articling Student (Queen’s University) 
"My summer experience at A&B surpassed my expectations. It was truly a great and rewarding experience. As students we were encouraged to seek out work on our own which provided us with the opportunity to explore a variety of areas of law. At A&B there is not a rigid hierarchy between junior and senior lawyers.  This gives students the choice of working with virtually any lawyer in the firm. In addition, the mentorship program at A&B enhanced my summer experience as the mentors were available for assistance practically at any time, and provided great advice throughout the summer. The mentors are patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. As students we were offered the chance to get to know many individuals we work with by attending social events organized by the firm, which included days at the beach and gatherings at lawyer’s homes. I could not be happier with my summer experience and my decision to work at A&B."