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What Students Do During a Typical Day at Aird & Berlis LLP

One of the most common questions we hear from candidates is: “What is a typical day like for Aird & Berlis LLP students?” We thought that the best answer would come from our students themselves, so we asked all of them to describe what they did during their summer. As you’ll read below, there really isn’t anything like a “typical” day in the practice of law, which is part of what makes it so exciting: you really do learn something new every day!

Quotes From Our Students

Timothy Jones, 2014 and 2015 Summer Student (University of Toronto)

"Thanks to Aird’s flexible summer program (no rotations), there is no such thing as a “typical day” at Aird & Berlis with respect to subject matter. Students can work on small claims court pleadings, large transactions, tricky municipal law research questions, and charitable initiatives in the same day – and, on one long and memorable day, I did. However, there are features that are typical to any day at the firm. There’s always camaraderie, laughs, and teamwork – within the student team, but also with assigning lawyers. There’s always novelty – new research questions or new areas of law to figure out, quickly. There’s always a feeling of real responsibility – the assignments are never “make work” and usually end up in a client’s hands. And, despite Aird being a very professional environment, a day at the firm is never too formal. Even at its busiest, a typical day is fun."

Patrick Copeland, Associate (Litigation) and former 2011/2012 Articling Student and 2010 Summer Student, (University of Western Ontario)

"As there is no formal rotation, every day at A&B holds the possibility of working on a wide variety of files.  From attending discoveries, writing memos, going to court, and drafting all kinds of transactional documents, students are given a lot of latitude in determining how their summer unfolds.  Some students use this flexibility to focus their efforts on certain areas of law, however I chose to take a broader approach and managed to work with every practice group at the firm.  Coming into the summer I was fairly unsure of where my interests were, but because of the nature of the summer program, I now have a much clearer idea of where I want to end up.  Regardless of the type of work assigned, the common denominator throughout is the large amount of responsibility given to students.  While at times this can seem daunting, having to take ownership of each task enriches the entire experience and really makes you feel like you are contributing something important to individual files.  This ability to tailor my summer experience to my individual interests, along with the friendly and supportive lawyers at A&B, ensured that my summer was both extremely fulfilling and enjoyable."

Jackie Goslett, Associate (Corporate/Commercial) and former 2011/2012 Articling Student and 2010 Summer Student (University of Windsor)

"Each day at Aird & Berlis brings a new and exciting experience. Due to the flexible rotation program and my interest in corporate law, I was able to obtain work assignments from both the corporate commercial and corporate finance groups. My favourite experiences included being heavily involved in a large corporate closing and drafting a number of securities related documents. I also enjoyed conducting research and preparing a memorandum on corporate governance issues. Aside from my broad corporate exposure, I thoroughly enjoyed working in the litigation and municipal practice areas. Working with these groups allowed me to attend discoveries, draft documents in preparation for trial, complete legal research memoranda, review new legislation, write articles to be published, and attend pre-trial conferences. What I enjoy most about the firm is that students are genuinely encouraged to branch out and work for each practice group. Not only does this allow for a better working knowledge and understanding of each group’s function within the firm, but it demonstrates A&B truly cares about its students and wants them to be well-rounded, knowledgeable, and comfortable with their decision regarding their future practice area."

Jesse Rosensweet, Associate (Corporate/Commercial) and former 2012/2013 Articling Student and 2011 and 2010 Summer Student (University of Toronto)

"The summer program at A&B allows students to work on a wide range of projects from the various practice groups.  Most students find a balance between exploring unfamiliar areas of practice and increasing their proficiency in one or two areas of particular interest.  The system of distributing assignments also provides students with the opportunity to work with partners and associates throughout the firm.  Some highlights of my summers include: drafting research memos and articles for publication, participating in the closing of an asset purchase sale, compiling and editing various securities filings and attending court on several occasions.  The training sessions and lunch-and-learn seminars are excellent and very relevant to the work I encountered over the summer.  Perhaps most importantly, I found lawyers at all levels of the firm to be supportive and encouraging."