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Aird & Berlis LLP lawyers frequently author articles and commentaries and provide a wealth of information on various topics.  Browse our database for articles written by our lawyers and articles reprinted with the permission of a variety of publications. 

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Doing Business in Canada – March 2017
March 10, 2017
Aird & Berlis LLP
Using Foreign Holding Companies in Canada
December 30, 2016
Jack Bernstein
Tolling Provisions Within Forbearance Agreements
January 15, 2016
D. Robb English
Ontario ULCs - Proposal for bringing ULCs to Ontario
November 9, 2015
Martin E. Kovnats, Jeffrey K. Merk, Andrew Magnus
2015 Annual Cross Country Check-Up (Ontario)
September 11, 2015
Ian Aversa, Jeremy Nemers
Champerty and Maintenance Revisited - Considering the Assignment of Litigation by Companies in Receivership
July 6, 2015
Brett Kenworthy
Mid-Market Technical Update
June 15, 2015
Ian Aversa
Zoë Thoms' Publications
June 2, 2015
Zoë Thoms
Value For Money: A Fair and Resonable Approach to Assessing Professional Fees in Bankruptcy and Insolvency Context
April 15, 2015
Brett Kenworthy
Court of Appeal for Ontario Upholds Reduction of Legal Fees in Insolvency Matter
December 17, 2014
Brett Kenworthy